Literally translated as “goodness going around”, this Japanese expression embodies all facets of the Blue C Sushi experience. Inspired by the dynamic and vibrant Tokyo subway lines, Blue C Sushi embodies the rattle and hum of modern day Tokyo. Once seated, a seemingly endless parade of vibrantly-colored plates modeled by name and color after the Tokyo subway lines move by, each topped with one of our delicious culinary creations. You are invited to start stacking plates immediately, taking the items you want directly off of our delivery belt. JunichiroSmile01 RFID


Our commitment to constantly improving our guests’ experience through innovation and technology has set Blue C Sushi apart since its inception. Our proprietary digital tracking technology (RFID) allows us to monitor each and every item for freshness, while alerting our Chefs when a particular menu item is in high demand, allowing them to react quickly to the needs of our guests.


Blue C Sushi follows the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, or constant improvement. Our Kaizen efforts focus on finding ways to do things FRESHER, FASTER and SMARTER for our guest, team and business. Tell us what you love and what we can improve. Or simply share a great Blue C story with us.

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